Saturday, 17 May 2014

Nine Over Five Presents... Zog Leonhart

 Okay, I decided it was time to start doing art for the Let's Play Logs.

 So here's the lineart for the initial piece depicting Ryu from Breath of Fire I dressed as Squall Leonhart.

Never forget why.
 I dug out the manuals I have for the first two games for some reference, and to get back into the feel of things.

During the early days of the Advance, the manuals looked like this
they changed them back to the square ones after a while.
I also dug up Squall's official character portrait So I could efficiently dress Ryu up. For some reason the necklace wasn't on that picture, so I'll have to do art with it included in future.

 Here's the refined sketch (on Bristol board, like Lewys):

 Which I quite like, and here's the final lineart.

 I inked the picture in copic multiliners, using a sepia toned pen for the two scars.

 I'll be colouring this at a later point with copics, so look forward to that.


 By the way, I have an instagram account now, and I'll be posting wips of my work on there. So be sure to follow me on there if you're interested in my art and the random things I do (and stuff I eat).

 My user name is areeceylife like my tumblr one.

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