Monday, 19 May 2014

Foxy Sketches for the Discerning Viewer

 So, as hinted at on Instagram, I did some sketches of a fox today.

 Specifically the little sweetie who came into our back garden today. Being the dork I am I took a tonne of pictures of the adorable creature and picked out a few to sketch.

 I don't usually draw animals, so they're a little rough around the edges. But I think I did a good job for someone who hasn't drawn a fox for what must be well over a decade, if at all.

 First I want to show you the pictures I used as reference.

 I took them with my phone, and I'm not such a great photographer, so they're not super great.

 But they are super cute, so it's still worth it.

 I have no idea what it's doing in that last photo, but it's adorable and it kept lying down like that.

 It's definitely amongst the cutest things I've seen this year.

 If you're relatively new to my blog, you're probably wondering where this fox came from. Well, we have a nature reserve at the back of our garden and there are indeed foxes living in it. There's also a hole in the bottom of the fence that the local cats use to get around, and this is a young enough fox that it can squeeze in and out of there.

 Anyway, enough prevaricating, time for the sketches.

Sketches numbered in order completed.

 Well, I'm not that bad.

 Also, I've got loads more photos that I can sketch from, and probably will.

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