Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Adventures in RPG Maker Land: Part One

 Okay, okay, I probably should be posting another part of the FF8 Let's Play Log, but I had a stressful day and right now I'm starting to look like this:

 So I'll either post the last part of day five tomorrow in place of the personal post I'm doing now, or on Thursday. Either way, you'll definitely get at least two more of those this week.

 As for this post, well, I think I'm going to talk about my RPG Maker project.

 I got the programme when it was on sale on Steam, and I was using it constantly in the first couple of days after I got it. These days, not so much, but a girl's got to make her own Breath of Fire-esque games, as Capcom isn't.

 The game was inspired after this random sketch I drew

 Yeah, not my best work.

 But it did give me a good basis for my game.

 A main character, a major figure in the plot, a mentor, a monarch and a mysterious scholarly figure...

 Some of them now even have names.

 The guy in the middle is Li Jie, the bloke in the top left is Earl Bradford (Li Jie's mentor) and the lady on the right is Fatima.

 She's also the title character, which is exciting.

 So far, Li Jie's journey in the game is being told to find Fatima as she's gone missing, on the way he runs into the queen character's daughter, who joins him on his journey, as she needs to head to the capital as well.

 I came up with the princess' design through the inbuilt character creator in RPG Maker, but I pretty much had to redesign her myself so she looked less like an over excited six year old.

 I think I succeeded.

 Her name is Natalie, by the way.

 Even though some of the other characters came out pretty much perfectly in the character generator, I'm still going to redraw them all in my style for the game proper.

 I have this very ambitious plan to paint all the character portraits in acrylic paint for a nice rustic feel.

 Here's Li Jie, by the way.

 I'm going for a pseudo-Tudor look for their outfits. Pseudor, if you will.

 I really like this picture of Li Jie, he looks a bit like Watanabe Shu, and I do like me some Watanabe Shu.

I would knit him many scarves.
 I'll get to work on some more character portraits and general designs and post them in the next Adventure in RPG Maker Land.

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