Monday, 12 November 2012

Day eleven, a quickie update and a love affair with Pokemon

 Damnit, I meant twelfth.

 The black dog has reared its head again.

 No, not Faiz. If it was her, obviously I would have said she ;-)

 By the black dog I mean depression and that I'm a little pretentious for referencing Churchill.

 My word count has plummeted, and right now I am five thousand words behind the projected target for today, and it's just going to get worse tomorrow.

 I feel like the most I can write in any given day is 2,000 words, and that's not terribly consistent.


 Right now I'm just playing Pokemon and trying to cheer myself up.

 I feel as though my stress is ninjaing its way into ruining my life again, as it's easy to miss until I feel absolutely awful and am contemplating something particularly stupid.

 It's my birthday on the 14th and I don't feel like I want a birthday, like I don't deserve it.

 Anyway, some cheerful news.

 I've drawn in adult Joker on my fan art and I am planning an extra special Game of Thrones fanart. It's going to be amazing.

 I'm also really loving Pokemon Black 2. I think it's rapidly over taking Soul Silver as my favourite Pokemon game. For the last eleven years I have maintained that Gold and Silver (and then HG and SS as improved versions) were the best Pokemon games, but now I think they have at the very least an equal, if they haven't been surpassed.

 I found White something of a bore, but Black 2 took most, if not all of my issues and fixed them. Apart from triple battles, I still hate those; although they have less diverse triple battle teams so it's more manageable and I do absolutely love rotation battles.

 I also found something pretty funny that I want to share with you. I'll get to showing it to you all tomorrow, for now, Genny, Tarka, Thorny, Misty, Nosey and Steve are calling me and Liza's keen to get back in the action (Misty's in training so she'll evolve).

 Also, I need to work on getting Flopsy to stop hating me. Seriously, she actively hates my guts. I have no idea why, as I haven't done anything to her at all since catching her, and other Pokemon I've stored right after catching don't actively hate me.

 Ugh, it's all gotten so wonderfully complicated.

 NaNoWriMo word count: 15,282

 Novel count: 20,943

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