Friday, 28 September 2012

Sleepy, sleepy Haz

 Sorry for the absence guys! I've been really tired lately and sleeping through prime photography time.

Me, sleeping. Also I need a picture for that blank wall.

 I tried taking a bunch of photos of my new painting, as well as some sculpts I did a while back, but they turned out poorly. I only have two good shots, and neither are particularly good for publishing on their own, so I'll have to try again tomorrow.

 Then again, varnishing is a concern. I might pop down to the art shop and see into buying some satin varnish, and nabbing that triangular canvas I've had my eye on...

 But for now, here are the two shots I got today!

 Hopefully I'll have better shots tomorrow of the painting and the sculpts. I'll throw in my progress on Rarity too, to make it up to you guys.

 I've also uploaded Burgundy up onto deviantArt, so you can buy a print there, if you'd like :)

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