Saturday, 29 September 2012

Male and female, she created them

 So, I finally got a bunch of good shots of Black, Pink and White. I got muddy knees on the process, but, hey, we must suffer for our art.

 I decided against varnishing it, because I like the difference in finishes that the three blocks of colour have and I don't want to change that.

 So, here it is!

 This version will be up for sale as a print on deviantArt, just like Cleopatra Skies and Burgundy are.

 I took some pictures of my chamaliens, which are the sculpts I mentioned yesterday. These are sculpted in newplast, which is fun to use and doesn't seem to require an armature, but is indeed plasticine and because of how it behaves, they are missing a few important details.

 After Rarity is finished, I plan to make a sculpey version of at least the female and paint it to show the colouring that I want for them. I also hope to learn to take better photos in future and photo edit it to show how the species would express emotions.

 Speaking of Rarity, or Scarity as she is at the moment, here's a couple of work in progress shots of her as she gets closer to that first bake.

 In other news, I sold Cleopatra Skies today! Only to my sister, but a sale is a sale and I'm happy that she wanted it enough to pay for it ^.^

 I am a very happy bunny.


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