Sunday, 4 September 2011

Oh my god, it's just Beauty and the Beast

 Recently I found myself thinking about my previous post 'Oh my god, it's just Pride and Prejudice' and when I saw the trailer for 'Beastly' had another stunning realisation.

 'Oh my god, it's just Beauty and the Beast.'

 I did previously say that the plot line of a man once thought unworthy becoming worthy is a classic one, but I didn't really realise how far back this really went. I think this is mostly because my concern in that post was financial stability, so I missed another partner selection criterion we're not supposed to use (but we all know we do use all the bloody time); appearance.

 Although, to be fair, I do think the point of Beauty and the Beast as a story is that by being a good person you can help change other people into good people too and the general power of love.

 This overused plot line needs to die in a fire :(

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