Saturday, 23 July 2011

Kenton, Beth and Neifion and other Dreamy Thing details

 So, I have been working on the character designs for Kenton, Beth and Neifion and have also worked out a few more details of the plot.

 First, the designs:

 Please forgive the terrible sketches at the top, it's been a while since I drew without reference.

 So, the new details involve the nature of the gods and the indistinct power, Beth's back story and Kenton and Luke's life in the army.

 First, the gods.

 Some countries have gods associated with them, like the Underwater Kingdom has the Goddess of the Sea associated with it. The power that wants Neifion and Beth to marry is the God of the Earth, who is associated with Beth's country.

 Through their marriage, the God of the Earth would be able to receive power from the Goddess of the Sea and heal himself.

 The reason why this would work is because he made Beth as an avatar of himself and Neifion is descended from an avatar of the Goddess of the Sea, so in effect, he would be marrying the Goddess of the Sea.

 However, because Beth was raised by the Fletchers, she isn't exactly the person that the God of the Earth created her to be, and has not fallen in love with Neifion. This has forced the God of the Earth's hand so he had to remove Neifion's competition from the picture.

 Since I've essentially just described Beth's bacstory, I'll move onto the section about Kenton and Luke.

 As their country is not currently at war with another, their job mostly consists of defending seaside settlements from pirates, which is how Kenton got his scar.

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