Saturday, 9 July 2011

To do list

 Okay, I just got back from Devon and now I need to buckle down and get some serious work done. So, I'm going to make myself a to-do list to complete by next Monday (there are some things I physically can't do until I get back to Leicester.

 (Sorry in advance for the poor quality of the pictures, I used my webcam to take them)

 1. Do a proper pencil version of this: (completed Tuesday)

A picture of Mary McDonnell and J.K. Simmons in The Closer

 2. Do a larger coloured version of this:  (

Yes, that is a fairy riding a corgi.

 3. Stop being a lazy arse and post that character study of Jason that I've had the sketches lying around for for weeks.
An example

 4. Do the Sailor Moon development blogpost I said I'd do on the dA submission and link to it in the artist's comments.

A stage.

 5. Start advertising for commissions.

 6. Write another PGSM recap.

 7. Start a new PGSM picture.

 8. Finish CV.

 9. Finish picture I started drawing of the view from the B (no other B, I'm afraid). (Edit: I accidentally ruined the paper it was on. So I can't actually do this one now)

 I'm going to be very busy, and this isn't even keeping in mind the character sketches I need to do for Epic Fail, either.

 Well, a girl has to keep herself busy. The devil makes work for idle hands, you know.

 EDIT: Yeah, I failed miserably. Lame, I know.

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