Saturday, 17 October 2015

Inktober 2015 Days Eight to Fourteen

These past few days have been really hectic, so I had to play catch up to get back to the thirty one picture plan.

 Here are the new pictures:

Day Eight (Little Puppy)
 A quick side note, it's amusing to me that I drew the eldritch abomination of my friend's dog on day eight. You know what they say about the number between seven and nine, say it and you'll be ate alive.

Day Nine (Alien)

Day Ten (Mirror Mirror)
 One day, I may do a post of this one with different hue settings, they look really cool.

Day Eleven (Devilphant)
 Argh, when did it do that? Washes ruckle paper and my scanner doesn't like that. Argh.

 I'll update with a better scan at some point.

Day Twelve (Mad Glamour)

Day Thirteen (Hallucigenia and Pansies)
 I decided to make this into a series, so there will be three more. I'm gonna rename the red one and call the series in general 'Paleofauna and Angiosperms'.

Day Fourteen (Adorabowl Pirate)
 My sister is probably going to try and steal this off me. She loves owls.

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