Thursday, 18 June 2015

Let's Talk About... Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII (AKA Sir Long Time Coming and Sir Hype Train)

So... let's talk a bit about Nomura.

 I've made my feeling about the man clear before. However, they have changed.

 Since playing 358/2 Days, I've mellowed on the guy. What he needs is someone to keep an eye on him and put him under some kind of restraint.

 And him being the director of Final Fantasy VII Remake makes me fear that Square Enix hasn't got the good sense to keep him on a leash.

 On the other hand, considering that the designs and the story are already in place, this may just be them using the name recognition he has to push Final Fantasy VII, and it does look good as he worked on the original game.

 It would be hard to fuck this up.

 Very hard indeed.

 I'm hoping that this will be a good experience for him to actually figure out what he needs to do to get a game out in a timely manner, as both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV have taken so long that it's been a running joke between Doug and me that they would never be released. In fact, Doug still maintains that Kingdom Hearts 3 won't be released.

 Now, since the Final Fantasy VII Remake is pretty self explanatory (though if they remove the cross-dressing, there will be hell to pay) I thought I'd talk about the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer that was shown at E3.

 The first thing that really caught my attention was- well, it was that if you were following straight on from KH2, you would be immensely confused as to who the hell to two chess playing people were.

 That's a big problem.

 I let it go for Assassin's Creed, because each number represented a different playable protagonist (until they abandoned numbers all together), but Kingdom Hearts... no. It doesn't really work to have so much of your plot in side games.


 The second thing is that it doesn't half remind me of Super Mario Sunshine.

 Yeah, I am fully aware of how weird that sounds, but I'm standing by it.

 It's something about the colours, the shown settings, some of the heartless that were featured... (and I see you there, big armoured dudes. I hate you more then life itself. ... But less than the Leechgrave)

 Also, the roller coaster that showed up.

 That really clinched it.

 Yoshi wouldn't look out of place if he showed up, I swear.

 And I mean that literally, not in the 'the game has such a screwed up aesthetic due to the poor execution of the premise that meant we got Johnny Depp and Donald Duck fighting side by side unchanged' sense you might have assumed. Which would be a fair assumption, but not what I meant.

 I just can't shake it now it's occurred to me. This game looks like Super Mario Sunshine.

 The others didn't, not even the first one. The one you'd think would since the sea is involved more in that game.

 That realisation hasn't made me any more or less excited for the game, I'm largely over Kingdom Hearts as a concept since the plot got ridiculous and overly convoluted.

 Right now what I really want is a VII/XIII crossover.

 Also, a Final Fantasy VIII sequel and reboot.


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