Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Let's Talk About... Final Fantaxy XV (AKA Sir Didn't Appear at E3 Again)

 Okay, we knew that it wasn't going to be at E3 this year, but it's still funny.

 It will be at GamesCom, so I'll be keeping an eye out for it there.

 So, Final Fantasy XV... I haven't spoken about this game since January, and since then, I've calmed down a lot.

 The fact that the four playable characters are all dudes has become much less distasteful.

 Largely because, to be completely honest, I was looking for things to complain about due to my absolute derision for Tetsuya Nomura (and we'll talk more about him tomorrow when I've finally watched the Kingdom Hearts III trailer and have had a gander at the trailer for the remake of Final Fantasy VII, because I have thoughts on that as well).

 It's not just that, though, with time and more information it's become clear to me that the all male playable cast of XV isn't there for the benefit of GamerGaiz (that's what Cindy is for), it's there to for benefit of Fujoshis.

 If you aren't familiar with the term, it's a Japanese word that means 'rotten woman' and is applied to girls and women who are really into yaoi.

 Oh yes. This isn't a story about dudebros, this is a story about yaoi archetypes.

 Which has made me a lot happier with the whole concept.

 Hell, I'm embracing it now. I love me some homosexual subtext and this looks to have it in spades.

 So, I went from only caring out of spite to full blown support.

 Partially because of this:

 They've already done this the other way around, and with the resounding success they had with Lightning (the sole reason that there have been three XIII games, and they're thinking of giving her a cameo in XIV to help boost sales), I don't see them having any fears in the future about more female led games, or games with a solely female party.

 (Though all the whining about XV is going to backfire like all hell the next time they do that.)

 There's also the fact that XV is the last of the Nova Fabula Crystalis games to be finished and released, which means that this game, the game with the solely male party, was intended to be a side show for Lightning and the story about her, the lesbians, the kid attempting to avenge his mother, the man attempting to save his son, and Lightning and Snow wanting to save her sister.

 Noctis is Lightning's sidekick.

 Never forget that.

 I think at this point I'm actually starting to look forward to XV, which has shocked me more than anyone, but I think after playing some of 358/2 Days and actually rather liking the story (but not the game play, ugh), I have reason to think that XV may actually be good.

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