Thursday, 14 May 2015

Bah, Kingdom Hearts

In my defence I said I was back on my feet-ish.

 But today I feel as though I need to rant about 358/2 Days some more.

 I'm not going to go into too much detail, since I am planning to do a review for Fission Mailure on the game, but I really need to let off some steam on the most frustrating part of this game for me.

 So many of the monsters, especially anything remotely resembling a boss, take way too long to kill.

 I'm not kidding, the Infernal Engine took forever to kill, the Emerald Serenade takes way too long and doesn't even attack and now I'm up to the Leech Grave and it's so demoralising knowing how long it's going to kill.

 I tried using fire magic on it, and it doesn't even seem to be doing anything.

 So I'm just here to wait around until it's done pissing about and then take half a green point at a time while just avoiding the tentaclaws.

 I'm actually avoiding playing because I'm so bored by these needlessly lengthy fights.

 It's not even just bosses, or boss like things, the big armoured enemies take ages to kill too. Something which is just made even worse by the fact that magic point blank refuses to go in anything other than a straight line in front of Roxas or maybe a leisurely curve in the correct direction.

 This game is fundamentally a hack-and-slash, or whack-and-bash since the keyblade clearly doesn't have a cutting edge, and such lengthy fights do not serve that format. Especially when the 'special' magic attacks are so imprecise, take such a weirdly long time to allow you to use them again, and don't appear to do anything to certain bosses.

 Not to mention that the lengthy fights do not necessarily lead into interesting parts of the plot.

 It's so mind numbingly dull, yet at the same time is so bloody frustrating.


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