Monday, 6 April 2015

Success! (The keyboard saga)

 So, as I stated in my last post, I'd spilled cola on my laptop which made the keyboard go absolutely mental.

 I ordered a USB keyboard, which came today, only to learn that a USB keyboard does not override the built in keyboard.

 I also learned that you cannot disable a keyboard in a laptop through the device manager. Not without downloading some kind of remapping software and arsing about with that, anyway.

 So what I ended up doing was taking my laptop apart and manually disconnecting the keyboard ribbon cable.

 Right now I am ridiculously grateful for my recent obsession with electronics YouTube videos or I would have had no clue what I was doing. I probably wouldn't have even tried.

 I'm fine with the fact I've basically turned this into a laptop, I'm planning on getting a gaming PC sometime after Windows 10 comes out, and once I have that I'll probably end up getting a new netbook, because I miss having something I can easily carry around with me. So I'm probably not going to keep this laptop past the end of this year or early next year anyway.

 (By the way, I'm slowly working on setting up a Patreon page so you guys can patronise my work if you like. If you've got suggestions for patron exclusives, please let me know.)

 Thursday's LP log will be up tomorrow.

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