Monday, 27 April 2015

Monster High OCs

 Sometimes, you just have to succumb and make original characters for kid's TV shows with accompanying toy lines.

 (I made a pony once, her special talent was being a judge, so she had a blank flank for forty years.)

 This time I've gone for Monster High.

 First up, the newer and less fleshed out OC, Whitney de Worms.

 She's based on The Lair of the White Worm by Bram Stoker which was inspired by the traditional folk legend of the Lambton worm. A story that makes me giggle because it has a wise woman of Durham in it.

 Mystical things always sound better coming from far away and/or exotic places. Always.

 So, this lovely and partially scaled lady would be some kind of lost descendent of Arabella March from the novel. Since she was feeding the worm in question, some kind of magical connection somewhere down the line would make sense.

 Additionally, I imagine Whitney can stick body parts back on should they get removed like the Lambton worm could in legend.

 Now, if you're wondering why I keep saying worm when she looks like a dragon, the reason for that is that old timey Europeans didn't really understand the difference between worms, snakes, other reptiles and amphibians.

 So one of the dragon variants we ended up with is the wyrm, which is more like a lung or long than your standard six limbed fire breathing monstrosity.

 (By the way, the whole reason European dragons breathe fire is that forked tongues weren't something Europeans were used to seeing on large creatures, so a forked tongue gradually ended up being Chinese whispered into a burst of flame.)

 I imagine her as acting in a really suspicious and villainous manner despite being a totally normal person, albeit one who can reattach body parts and possibly turn into a dragon.

 So, that's the less fleshed out one.

 Here's the one who's been marinating for a while now.

Cal Alighieri
 Like the picture says, he's not really a monster. At least, he didn't used to be.

 He was just your common or garden sleepwalked before the mysterious Dr. C got his hands on him and has been slowly turning him into a super strong and clairvoyant slave.

 He's based on the surrealist silent horror movie The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, which means that this kid's name is actually a worse joke than Frankie Stein's.

 His canon is that he's related to Cesare, the original somnambulist in the cabinet, so his catchy little title could be 'son of the somnambulist'.

 As part of Dr. C's machinations, Cal hasn't slept for a long time, probably for over a year. Thus he's had to move him to Monster High, where he can sell him as a monster in denial, which would explain his irritability and the negative effects on his physical appearance that normal schools will no longer overlook.

 Because of all this, Cal's probably not very nice to the other students.

 He especially doesn't like Frankie, because to a normal person she's an abomination that shouldn't be.

 I imagine him asking her near mother's day if she's going to send apologetic letters to the mothers of all the dead teenagers that she's made of.

 He would eventually apologise for that, since it's not her fault.

 I think it would be interesting for there to be a monster who was just a normal human being once. If there already is one, colour me embarrassed, but Cal here would make an interesting one.

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