Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Drabble From a Rabble - Twenty Eight

 Today we start filling out the last theme for the rabble of drabbles, and the theme is ecstasy.

 We're going to start off with the obvious one, and I tried to go for something more realistic and less scaremonger-y than a lot of drug related stories.

 Still don't recommend taking recreational drugs, though. Especially if you're on any kind of medication.


 “You’re very warm.”

 She grinned at me from between my hands.

 “And you’re hot, have I ever told you that?”

 My cheeks burned hotter than hers.

 “No, no you haven’t.”

 She wrapped her arms around me, face slipping from my hands.


 “Er, you’re very huggy today.”

 “Hmhmm, ah, you’re super cuddly. Like a big fluffy bear. I should hug you more often, it’s really nice. Like you, but not like me, I’m not super great. You’re super great though.”

 “You’re rambling.”

 “Yeah, I am. It’s a side effect.”

 I sighed.

 “I should have known. Let’s get you some water.”

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