Wednesday, 11 March 2015

One Thing That Really Gets Me in Half Life

 When I'm not working on the finale, I'm playing Half Life.

 It's been fun and frustrating but in the last couple of hours it's been really bothering me.

 I keep finding dead and dying security guards and it's really starting to get to me.

 There's one in particular that I can't keep off my mind.

 Allow me to set the scene.

 After battling my way across a cliff face, saving some scientists, fighting a tank and the accompanying soldiers, running into an air dropped pair of aliens and dealing with a bunch of mines and bombs and I find this guy:

 Being a complete idiot, I went to help him and immediately got shot by a sniper.

 Some total arsehole left this guy mortally injured in a yard just waiting for somebody to try and help him so he ould shoot them.

 I already didn't like the military because they were killing Gordon's friends and coworkers and yet thought that him trying to survive and save his friends was the worst crime in the world, but this takes the fucking biscuit.

 The total dicks.

Except this guy, he wasn't happy with his orders. Sorry bro.
 It's really bothering me because I took the trouble to kill the sniper before going to the security guard and he died on me anyway.

 I just wish I could have helped him.

 This bothers me more than it should.


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