Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Gordon Freeman Owns My Soul (Oh My God, I Love Half Life)

 I only started playing it yesterday, but I'm really mad for it right now.

 Sure, it's nearly seventeen years old, but what you guys aren't keeping in mind is that it's only the second or third first person shooter that I've ever played, and that's only because I'm not sure Condemned counts.

 One of the things I'm really loving about this game is that I am getting noticably better at it as I play.

 There's this one bit in Office Complex where there's about eight slectricity spouting monsters and I went in there with only twenty health. After a bunch of failed attempts I managed to kill all of them without getting hit once, even going out of my way to kill two I strictly didn't need to in my pursuit of a first aid kit that a biologist refused to slip through the hole in the wall, despite my puppy dog looks at it.

But I'm a Theoretical Physicist...
 By the time the human soldiers rolled around, I was so good that they haven't killed me once yet.

 I even managed to wipe out an entire room of them from the vents with little difficulty.

 Although that may be because they're not very bright. Only one of them seemed to realise I was in there despite me showing up in a place I could only have gotten to via the ventilation system.

 My main source of annoyance with the game is that the other scientists keep running to their deaths via the American military. At this point I'm working on the principle that Gordon is mute because if he isn't why the hell isn't he going 'no, don't. They already killed Steve!'?

 I also got temporarily stuck in a wall and had to reload a save when I got trapped in the locker room because a head crab zombie's foot being stuck in the door.

 Yeah, I'm loving it, but it doesn't half show its age.

Man, this gore... So realistic!
Nevertheless, as a new player to the genre, I still love it enough to suggest it to others.

 You want to give FPSs a go? You can't do much better than Half Life.

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