Sunday, 8 March 2015

Countdown to Vienna: Still in Love With You

 My original plan was to write a post about this quickly yesterday, but a combination of being absolutely shattered and completely baffled by our entry left me unable to collect my thoughts on the matter in words.

 I've had some sleep, some time to think about it, and some time to rewatch the video, I have my opinion all ready for you.

 That guy is the biggest problem this song has.

 He's a much worse singer than the woman, he's got much worse lines than the woman and the combination of his lines, his not superb singing and the fat that he's just okay to look at make him come across as a total dick posessive dick who has no faith in his girlfriend whatsoever and there's very little that she obviously sees in him.

 I'm just talking in terms of the song.

 In terms of what this man is actually like, I don't know, and I really don't care.

 Although, he tries to skat. Oh, honey...

 Apart from him and the lines he has, I kind of like this song.

 Take the words out and it sounds like it could be a track in a game where Gordon Freeman from Half Life and Elizabeth from Bioshock join forces to stop time and space hopping Combine in a wide variety of settings.

 Which would be awesome.

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