Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Drabble by a Guest - De Vulgari Eloquentia

 Sorry about the lack of posts these last couple of days, I've been super tired and not eating properly.

 So that was fun.

 Here's the second post in the 'Dante Aligheri is a jerk' diptych by my friend Doug over at Fission Mailure.

De Vulgari Eloquentia

 He can sense the boy’s disdain, bubbling under the bright-eyed worship and the breathless praise. Heretic. He knows the word is drifting around the boy’s empty head somewhere, that the smiling and praise is partly a performance, building up to him being left in the grey and the dark while the boy smiles at him from the light.

 Once, climbing down a wall of frost-clogged hair, he considers abandoning the boy and letting him wander for eternity. He quenches the thought as quickly as his mind will let him: Enough innocents have become lost in this place without adding another.

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