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Let's Play: Final Fantasy VIII - Part Eighty One

 Part Eighty


 Day Thirty Four Point Five: Don't You Know That I'll Always Be True?

 "But Reecey," the pattern seeking music dorks among you ask, "I thought you were done with fighting the Ultima Weapon? And why is this a point five day?"

 The rest of you are probably more confused about the point five thing.

 Okay, I have a story here.

 I mentioned that I was using Chocobo World a bunch since I realised that I could buy a Chocobo from the Chocoboy, well, this has meant that I could get a bunch of items from Chocobo World, one of which was a Holy War.

 Holy War is an insanely useful item, because it will make your entire party invulnerable for a time in battle.

 What with the Ultima Weapon being a cheaty ass bastard and everything, using it in that fight is the natural thing to do.

 Since I had that, I thought I'd have a crack at it again, so I made my way all the way down to the bottom of the Deep Sea Research Centre and had a crack at him for the last time.

 Well, last couple of times, I learned something about Holy War while I tried to kill this bastard.

 You can't buff a character who is invincible, nor can you heal them.

 So I couldn't use Aura on Zog while he was invincible which made killing the Ultima Weapon much harder.

 So much harder that Holy War wore off and he killed my entire party in a handful of turns.

 Th second time I tried it, I used Aura first and then used Holy War. With Zog being able to use his limit break, drawing Eden and killing the Ultima Weapon was drastically easier and I did it so quickly that I was surprised when it started exploding.

I'd make a 'you really need to stop doing that' joke, but
developers kinda need to stop doing this.
 So, once I had my hands on Eden, what did I call her?

Ah, a full collection. Isn't it beautiful?
 Well, she's named after a garden already, so I decided to name her after another one.

 (Also, places are generally referred to as 'she', so deal with it bruh.)

 With a new GF comes the desire to use it, here are a few screenshots of her summoning cutscene.

 Here's a video someone put up on YouTube so you can see it in all of its overly long glory.

  Yes, that video is two minutes long.

 I timed this cutscene myself. From starting text box to damage, this takes one minute and twenty three seconds.

 So it's crap for timed sections. Luckily for me, I don't think I have any coming up, but I won't be using Kew if I do.

 On a final note, I'd like to share a handy little trick I found with Chocobo World. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or an exploit, but it's handy, so try it out sometime.

 I play the Steam version of Final Fantasy VIII, so it's possible to have Chocobo World running in the background.

 What's supposed to happen is that you turn Chocobo World off while playing VIII and when you call the chicobo home it brings the items it's collected with it, wiping the collection clear in Chocobo World.

 However, if it's on in the background while you're playing VIII, you can call the chicobo home get all of the items they've collected, send them back and when they get another one, you can call them back again and get the new item as well as the same number you got the last time. It's a great way to farm items.

 I wouldn't recommend doing this more than a couple of times in a row, because it can confuse your game and the chicobo will be stuck in this weird purgatory where it's in both Chocobo World and in VIII. When that happened to me, I set it to start over with a new chicobo and somehow didn't lose the one I'd levelled up already. I wouldn't risk it if you're invested in your chicobo, I don't know if I got lucky or not.

 We'll be back to regular VIII service in the next part, and hopefully I'll manage to get that scan of Seifer's redesign before Thursday.

 See you in Part Eighty Two!

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