Saturday, 17 January 2015

Encre Lavande

 I wrote this flush with the happiness of a new relationship. Unfortunately, that fell through, but at least I have this awesome poem.

 It was partially inspired by this bottle of fountain ink I own made by the French ink manufacturer J. Herbin. It's one of a series of inks that is made with the hydrosols of flowers. Things lik rose and orange blossom water. The one I have is made with lavander water.

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 Encre Lavande

 Once I am sure that I am in love,

 I shall write you a love letter,

 It will be scented with lavender,

 And once you’ve read my words,

 About the depths of your eyes,

 And the brightness of your smile,

 You can lay it next to your pillow,

 Drift into a peaceful sleep,

 And dream of me.

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