Friday, 30 January 2015

A Drabble From a Rabble - Twenty Four

 What? No, I totally didn't promise to put an extra drabble up yesterday and then forget because I was really into doing things for the Beyond Oasis Let's Play, don't be ridiculous!


 The theme is denial.


  I stared at the dragon in horrified awe as it lay there, head twitching six metres away from its body and blood still leaking from the neck.

 “That’s what you get for kidnapping Take-chan!”

  I looked up at my rescuer.


  She looked at me.

  “You- you saved me.”

  “You bet I did, I wasn’t gonna let some stinky old dragon eat you.”

  My shock was overcome by joy, and I smiled.

  “Thanks, Tomoko.”

  She blinked at me before averting her eyes and blushing.

  “I didn’t do it because I like you or anything!” she protested.

  Of course she didn’t.

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