Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Throwback/Recommendation-y Post

 This is kind of a gentle reminder that Part One of the series is still there to be enjoyed.

Ugh, the old title cards were really crap.

 Also, it's midly entertaining for you, and mildly mortifying for me, to see how much the series has improved over time.

 Here's an excerpt to show you what I mean:

 While Zog’s on the way to do that, he meets a new girl who managed to miss class because she transferred from a smaller Garden and hasn’t gotten used to the new place yet. She asks him if has time to give her a tour, and I direct him to say that he did.

 Luckily for him, the game didn’t have the same idea I did and he only has to take her to the big ‘you are here’ sign the school has near the front door like it’s a theme park or something.

 While there he explains to her not only where everything is, but what everything is.

 Yes, he explains to a girl who told him that she just transferred from another Garden what everything is even though she obviously already knows. Including what a dormitory is.

 My favourite part of this is when he tells her what the library is for and in the next breath that the consoles in the classrooms give not only the same information, but more and better information.

 Then why does the place even have a library?

 What’s the point?

 Okay, I'm not that mortified. Largely amused, actually, because during the first few parts I'm desperately pretending not to know things aboout this game.

 At the point I'm at now, I really don't know much of what's going to happen.

 So make sure check out Part One if you haven't read it, and give it another look if you have.

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