Monday, 22 December 2014

Omega Ruby Sketches

 Howdy, Team Magma and Team Aqua grunts!

 Since I have joined your number, here's a few pieces of fanart that I've had a lot of fun creating.

 First of all, here's a sketch of May, the girl player character:

Sketch One
 I threw in a tiny creeper!Courtney because she seems to have an interest in the player character. That is disturbing her usual behaviour.

 I decided to sketch her out properly next, along with her fellow Team Magma Admin, Tabitha.

Sketch Two
 I should draw more chubby people, I think Tabitha up there looks really good.

 (By the way, I have never heard of the name Tabitha being applied to a man before this game. It's definitely new to me.)

 I have a pair of pokemon with clever themed names that make them an automatic duo.

 They are Esau and Jacob.

Sketch Three
  Esau means hairy and Jacob means deceiver (or something similar).

 Since Electrike is a pokemon that has electricity because of its hair, it made sense to name him Esau.

 After I caught Jacob, I'd actually called him Tywin after the character from A Song of Ice and Fire, but having given Esau his name, I went back and named Jacob to match since Mawile is the deceiver pokemon.

 As you can see, I'm better at drawing dog like creatures than I am fantasy bipeds.

Speaking of bipeds, my final sketch is of May with another lady character from the game. This time it's Lisia.

 (I have a number of pairings for May. It's a little sad.)

Sketch Four
 I wish I was better at drawing the same character mulitple times...

 Oh well.

 I hoped you liked my sketches!

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