Friday, 14 November 2014

A Drabble from a Rabble - Eighteen

 It's my bithday today! Woo!

 So today's drabble is inspired by one of the things that happened during the run up to my birthday, which is going to seem a bit weird, but just run with it.

 The theme today is shadows.

Like a Ninja

  Okay. I am up, I am dressed, I am caffeinated.
 She can’t take me surprise, she can’t get past me.

 I wonder what kind of tea she’ll want? I’ve got three kinds of black and two kinds of green. There’s some rooibos somewhere too, just in case.

 Should I bake something?

 Hmm, I’m not sure I’ll have time. Besides, there are mini rolls somewhere. There might be others too…

 Just a quick visit to the bathroom and-

 Dammit, again?

 Grandma! Why, why must you deliver your birthday cards by hand if you don’t want to be invited in for tea?

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