Friday, 31 October 2014

A Drabble From a Rabble - Thirteen

 In celebration of Halloween, I'm posting up two horror themed drabbles alongside a scheduled FF8 post and a horror themed drabble both tomorrow and Sunday.

 This drabble's theme is food, and don't worry, there's definitely a way to make that horrifying.

 A Gifted Cook

  “Danny, you’ve done a fine job here. This is delicious!” Ensign Peters said, stripping the meat off the bone with glee.

 “He’s right,” Brenda said, licking the juices from her fingers.

  Lyle the cabin boy glared at her, not forgiving her for pretending to be a man in order to join the crew.

  She ignored him.

  “You really can make anything taste great,” she continued.

  I chewed my thumb and blushed heavily.

  Under the bright moon with the fresh sea breeze ruffling through my hair, I could almost forget that the thumb I was eating belonged to my best friend.

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