Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Let's Talk About... Final Fantasy XV (AKA Sir Actually May Be Released In My Lifetime)

 I have no idea why, but a lot of the sites I've found news for Final Fantasy XV on are Christian websites. That is, websites specifically for Christians to the exclusion of the rest of us.

 I... have no idea why. This is the religion that has people saying that Harry Potter is of the devil, and that has people celebrating Christmas and overcoming a very Judeo-Christian notion of evil kind of bad guy.

 Also, have they not played Final Fantasy X? It has an expressly evil and bloated religion that oppresses the population with the threat of Sin and lives in luxury while every one else has to live in a needlessly outdated fashion.

 Final Fantasy XIII never shied away from this either. Hell, in XIII-3 the bad guy is pretty much just the Judeo-Christian god.

 There's a similar story going on in VI as well.

 I'm just very confused.

 Anyway, according to Christian Today Final Fantasy XV is the last hope for the Japanese console market.

 Alas, poor Japanese console market, I knew him, Horatio. Never was there blah, blah, blah. You all don't know the rest, and neither do I.

 If I was a console manufacturer, I'd be angry that my last huzzah in Japan was down to Tetsuya Nomura. I'd also be resigned to my doom.

 That said, it might actually be able to save the console industry. The Japanese did like XIII far more than the rest of us did. Or rather, they liked Lightning.

 Since my last post, we know we're getting XV in March of next year. Probably.

 Also, there's going to be a demo released with Final Fantasy: Type-0 HD on 17th March.

 It's called Episode Duscae and reportedly covers early parts of the game, with some parts altered to make it a better demonstration.

Finally, since the last time I posted about this, the lead programmer has left Square Enix.

 Oh yes, this is a thing that has happened.

 It fills me with a perverse joy.

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