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Let's Play: Final Fantasy VIII - Part Sixty

 Part Fifty Nine


 Day Twenty Three: Dad, Are You Space?

 On the way to the control room, you can talk to a staff member who talks about the president and how Esthar was once ruled by the evil sorceress Adel before she was overthrown seventeen years ago.

 From here we find out that Adel has been sealed in space. According to this man, there is a perfect gravitational balance between the moon and stars that makes this exact spot the right place to seal her power.

 Okay, the idea that there's a perfect balance between the planet, the moon and maybe the sun, I can buy. However, the stars?

 The stars?!

 Do you know how far the nearest star is from Earth?

 (Yeah, I know, but we're using the Earth as a benchmark. Also, pedentary is punishable by death, so don't go "but the sun is a star" at me.)

 It's 4.2 light years.

 Which is 3.97342193 × 1016 metres (or 4.34538706 × 1016 yards for those of you who hate the French).

 Yes, numbers so large that the convention is to display them as a bloody sum.

 Because otherwise it looks like this: 39,734,219,300,000,000 metres.

 The stars have a very small impact on the Earth-Moon system. I'm not going to say there's nothing, but it's such a small impact that it's barely worth mentioning.

 This 'and the stars' stuff reeks of astrology to me. Not to mention that he didn't mention the planet, or the sun, which makes it smell even worse.

 In the grand scheme of things, there are only two stars worth caring about: The Sun and the star whose death created the solar system. (Yes, you are literally made of star stuff, it's not just a catchy slogan.) The rest of them? Not really.

 (By the way, astrophysics isn't my field. Just in case all that stuff about the Lunar Gate made you think it is. I have a passing interest in it, but biology is my scientific field of choice.)

 Aside from that guff, it's a pretty interesting idea. That the only way to seal a great power is to trap her in space. It's quite haunting, mostly because it's so cruel.

 They've taken precautions to make sure that she can't get out, and to make sure that there is no way anyone can make contact with her. She is entirely alone in the darkness of space. That's... so sad.

 Also, on the subject of preventing outside contact, the staff member also has this to say:

 Yup, this is why there's been radio silence down on the planet for the last seventeen years. They've created a technology to jam various energy waves that is so powerful that it's screwing over the entire planet.

 Although, it does need to be asked that if this is correct, how did fixing the Dollet communication tower overcome this problem? If there's a wave jammer, them waves are jammed, my friend. The waves can't power through.

 By the way, isn't that space prison just gorgeous? Look at it, it's beautiful!

 Once we have the technology to build stuff in space, I hope we'll make beautiful structures like this.

 I like the aesthetics of this game, I'm not going to lie.

 During this aesthetic pornography, we see the President of Esthar personally go and check out the seal holding Adel.
"Well, him and his two mates."
 Oh come on, it's obvious. Also, since we know all this from Zog's perspective, it should be obvious to him, too.

 Shame he's almost too stupid to live.

 (It'll get worse, trust me.)

 Why is the President doing this anyway? Need I remind you that space walks are dangerous? Who's this guy's deputy, anyway?

 At this point, I forgot what I was doing and ended up finding Ellone.

 This should be fun.

 They start off with a surprisingly warm greeting, all things considered. Those things being Ellone robbing Zog of bodily autonomy and messing around with his mind and the minds of his friends.

 Much to my surprise he says it's okay.

 Really, Zog? I don't understand what she was trying to do at all.

 Then, then she says that although she couldn't change the past, it was enough that she was able to know how much she was loved.

 Yes, because that was totally worth putting them all in immense danger repeatedly.

 The only time she's ever been helpful is that one time that she put Zell into Ward's mind in the prison. Everything else has been more or less pointless for everyone else except her, or a complete waste of time.

 Remember when she shoved Zog, Zell and Selphie into Laguna, Ward and Kiros' minds and all that was really gained was that Zog saw Laguna inneffectually flirting with Julia 'Nina's Mum' Heartilly? Was there a point to that?

 He more or less immediately forgot about her and didn't bother to let her know that he wasn't actually dead the minute he met Raine.

 This is just going to screw with Zog's head when the penny inevitably drops.

 Because, let's not beat around the bush here, that's kind of gross.

 Ellone says some guff about how 'you're the one that changes' with her power, which I find rather infuriating.

 Crack a book, you needlessly endangering broad! Your psychic powers are frankly useless!

 Zog pushes for Ellone to help with stopping Nina from falling into a coma, which still perplexes me. There was never a push to take her to a specialist in comas to see whether such an extreme approach as time travel was necessary.

 Hell, I'm especially surprised that no one went 'hey, maybe Doctor Odine is a blessing in disguise, he may be able to help Nina!'. Yeah, he's creepy, but he's also a multidisciplinary scientist, he's a good bet in a sci fi setting.

 Ellone insists that she can't put Zog into Nina's past because she's not met Nina. Zog points out that he has Nina with him, so Ellone can meet her and send him back.

 This probably would have been okay, if Ellone didn't talk him into going to the control room.

 I have no idea why Zog would go along with this. He goes ballistic at the idea of other people even touching Nina, but he's fine with her being left alone on a space station surrounded by complete strangers.

 Surely, it would have made more sense for him to ask Selphie to watch over Nina while he went to get Ellone, or to send Selphie to do it while he stayed at Nina's bedside.

 This wasn't a sightseeing tour.

 Coming in Part Sixty One: The sightseeing tour.

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