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Let's Play: Final fantasy VIII - Part Fifty Five

 Part Fifty Four


 Day Twenty Two: Won't You Help Me Dr. Beat(en By An Umbrella)?

 The car contains a man apparently named Man who recognises Edea, once she confirms his identification and requests to see the half-man half-parasol Doctor Odine, he asks to know what this is about.

 A pretty reasonable request, all things considered. This is a very dangerous woman and this city was once held in the thrall of someone with similar powers before.

 Zog, impatient for Nina's sake, says that he wants to see Ellone. Something that either confuses or concerns the man. It's a little hard to tell which.

 Apparently, Zog said this in a desperate or particularly angry way as Edea tells him to calm down.

"I could go evil at any moment, just trust me."
 I'm not sure this is fair, to be honest.

 Also, unless he's in caps or talking about the past tense, I imagine most of what Zog says in the same level and monotonous voice. It's part of why huge outbursts from him seem so ridiculous, he comes across as a surprisingly balanced guy all things considered.

 I'm not going to lie, my perception has been coloured by what I've seen of him in Kingdom Hearts, but you can't have him spend so much of the game being so quiet and not have these sudden outbursts seem ridiculously out of character. Especially when they're accompanied by such over the top body language.

 It's like he goes from BBC costume drama acting to the Adventures of Zeus' Penis III: This Time, Hera's Really Pissed Off. It really is Ancient Greek theatre levels of over the top whenever he's distressed.

 Except, for some reason, this time. Which is why I'm not sure Edea's reaction is totally fair.

 They all get into the car, which considering that there are so many of them, must be made by the same company that made the ugly horrible TARDIS-mobile from Part Two.

 Gallifrey Motors is clearly immune to geopolitics.

 This time the car actually drives to its destination, rather than just teleporting there. It must be having engine trouble or something.

 We get a couple more beauty shots of the city, and it is indeed gorgeous.

Prince Charles would not like this place.
 It's very futuristic. A bit too futuristic, if I'm entirely honest.

 There's nothing that implies its past anywhere, no old buildings of any kind. There's nothing there for all this to be a carbuncle on.

 Also, no trees.

 This may just be a personal bugbear, but I hate it when fictional cities don't have any trees in them. I live in Birmingham, and we have a lot of trees here. Most reasonably wide roads here are lined with trees, in fact.

 Esthar has no trees. It has barely any animals (it has a dog). It has no litter and it has no bins.

 It's so shiny and futuristic that it doesn't feel like a real city. It's got barely more people in it than any of the towns or villages in game do, and it's got so little actual texture to it that it doesn't feel alive.

 Like so many fictional Cities of the Future, it's kind of missed the point of what a city is and what it's for.

 Even the Presidential Palace is cold and clinical on the inside, and it's literally the most soft furnishings you will see anywhere in the city.

 Once they're inside, Edea fully explains that she wants to be free of Ultimecia's control and Odine does that thing that characters do when they want to be cool. You know, replying to someone's statement or question just before or as they walk in.

 Gibbs from NCIS is the master of this, and Odine doesn't hold a candle to him during this attempt.

 It's hard to be taken seriously, let alone as cool, when you're wearing a parasol.

"Except drink tea with this collar on, but that's it!"
  The man named Man is actually a Presidential Aide and he asks the group if they want to see Ellone, and Zog goes into one of his Greek Theatre moods; demanding to see her.

 Now, I'm not super sure what's going on in this bit. Odine calls him a fool for taking Odine hostage, but I don't actually think Zog grabbed him or anything. If think Odine is full of himself and Zog just kind of goes along with it because he's desperate.

 I'm... not really sure why he's so desperate. There's not been much indication that they won't let him see Ellone. If anything, the conditions that they place on him seeing her seem to exist entirely because he was acting unreasonably.


 Oh yes, in order to see Ellone, Zog has to leave Nina under Odine's care.

 We all know this is a poor idea, but Zog's not got much of a choice. He agrees, with a threatening caveat.

 Well, it's reasonable enough in this instance.

 The Aide attampts to calm the situation down by telling them that they need to head to the Luna gate and that they'd take Nina down there themselves.

 Which, let's face it, is a better way of getting a comatose teenage girl somewhere than on the back of some bony teenage boy. Well, if Odine is a more competent doctor than Kadowaki it will be, and it wouldn't take much.

 So there, that's our objective.

 Get to the Lunar Gate.


 Who's up for some clasic Nine Over Five faffing about?

 Our goal this time is to obtain the GF 'Doom Train', we've spoken about it before when I found the strange book with the terrible journalism in it in the Balamb Garden library.

 It's the kind of side quest where you don't really need to find all of the clues in order to successfully complete said quest.

 Personally, I consider this quite shoddy game design. Mostly because it's generally accompanied by no clear way to tell where to find the clues for the side quest are. If you were required to find these clues, they'd probably have made them easier to find.

 So, what do we need to do in order to get Doom Train?

 You need six Steel Pipes, six Remedy+s, six Marlboro Tentacles and Solomon's Ring.

 I've already got the Steel Pipes and Remedy+s, so all I need to get is the tentacles and the ring.

 Will this be an easy task?

 Find out next time, in Part Fifty Six!

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