Sunday, 7 September 2014

Edea's Limit Break

 During the quest for Malboro Tentacles, I actually managed to see Edea's Limit Break.

 Ice Strike? That sounds awfully familiar...


 So that wasn't the game cheating?

 It was Edea's Limit Break?

 That's actually pretty clever, it was at the end of a battle with her, so it would make sense for her to use her Limit Break against Zog.

 The thing is, she didn't look particularly injured or tired when she was using it. So mostly just looked bored, maybe a little annoyed.

 Which brings up a secondary point, she didn't do this during the second fight Zog and Co. had with her.

 So... I don't know guys, I feel like this is a fantastic piece of storytelling that didn't quite happen because of poor execution.

 Still, Edea's Limit Break, it's an interesting thing to know about.

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