Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Science of Induction - Another Herlock Snippet

 Over the last few days I've managed to accrue some post ideas.

 Unfortunately, they're all things I want to dedicate more time to than I gave myself today.

 So here's another Miss Holmes, Consulting Detective snippet.

Miss Holmes, Consulting Detective

 Sherlock was laid out on the chaise longue, holding the newspaper up above her head at arm’s length and reading about some horrible murder. At least, I assumed it was, it had been the last three times and if Sherlock Holmes was anything, it was a creature of habitual disturbance.

 Her arms weren’t even shaking and she’d been lying like that since before I went to fetch my book from the Post Office.

 “Aren’t your arms getting tired?” I asked, sitting in the matching armchair and carefully opening the packaging.

 “Not particularly,” she replied, eyes narrowed in concentration, “they were five minutes ago, but mind over matter, old chap, mind over matter.”

 “You’re unbelievable.”

 “I get that a lot. So, what’s the book about?”

 “How do you know it’s a book?” I asked, surprised.

 “I saw the packaging from the corner of my eye and it’s indicative of either a book, DVD or video game. You’ve received nine packages containing DVD style cases in the fortnight you’ve lived here, and you weren’t anywhere near that careful opening those. So it can only be a book,” she replied calmly, not taking her eyes off the page.


 “Also, you told me before you went out. I can’t believe you don’t remember.”

 Oh, I did. God damn it.

 “I didn’t think you were paying attention.”

 She looked at me from the corner of her eye and gave me a small smirk before going back to whatever apparently simple case she was dissecting for fun.

 Stupid sexy Sherlock.

 “So, book. What’s it about?”

 “Can’t you induce that?” I asked peevishly.

 “Yes, probably, but it’s your book so you should be able to have the pleasure of explaining it to me.”

 “You’re so gracious.”

 “You only think that because you don’t know me very well.”

 I silently scoffed at that for a moment and she let me, for whatever strange reasons of her own.

 “Fine, I’ll tell you.”

 “Your enthusiasm is almost stifling.”

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