Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Male Model in the Kitchen - a snippet from Herlock

 Well, I'm not actually going to call it Herlock. That would be ridiculous.

 I'm thinking something classy like 'Miss Holmes, Consulting Detective'.

 Because, screw it. If some Americans are going to take John Watson and strip him of all his defining character traits to make a somehow cut price Jonathan Creek, I'm going to take Sherlock Holmes and show them how you gender bend a character without making them totally different.

 So out of this, we have Sherlock Holmes, youngest child and only daughter of the Holmes family. Adored by her eldest brother Sheridan and mildly disliked by her other brother, Mycroft.

 Best friends with Mary Morstan, and assisted by Dr John Watson; formerly of the Army.

 Because if John Watson isn't formerly of the army, he isn't John Watson.

 I've written a few snippets, but this is the one I've decided to show you guys for now, as it's based on my favourite thing about A Study in Scarlet.

 AKA, how hot both Watson and Holmes think Gregson is.

Miss Holmes, Consulting Detective

The first time I met the most handsome man in the world, I was wearing nothing but a towel and drinking milk straight from a six pint bottle.

 I stared at him in mild terror for a moment.

 He just gave me a quick once over and nodded before turning to the living room.

 “You didn’t mention the half-naked male model in the kitchen,” he called over his shoulder.

 “Oh, that’s Watson.”

 Sherlock poked her head around the door frame.

 “He’s my flat mate, I got him last week. Also, he’s not a male model, he’s a doctor.”

 The far too kind and incredibly handsome man nodded.

 “Well, it’s a pleasure, Doctor Watson. I look forward to introducing myself to you once you’ve had the chance to get dressed.”

 “Um, okay.”

 Sherlock was scowling at me, “you’re going to get more milk. You’re not sharing an indirect kiss with Gregson because of your disgusting habits.”

 Gregson chuckled and squeezed past Sherlock.

 “I find your defence of my honour touching, Holmes.”

 She smiled brightly at him and to my amazement seemed to blush a little.

 “My services are always there should you need them.”

 I heard Gregson laugh in the living room.

 Sherlock turned to me and scowled again.

 “New milk, and then I might introduce you to Gregson.”

 How could I say no to that? 


 She might tell Mrs Hudson if I didn’t.

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  1. Looking Good. I'm hoping to be the third person to read the full story and looking forward to bigging up my miniscule contribution to your success (24 years ago.)