Monday, 21 July 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo Update - Part Three (Kinda)

 Still ill, still barely wrote anything.


 Since I've really got no news on this front, have an extract of what I did manage to write.

 As ever, comments would be appreciated. I can use all the encouragement I can get.


This entrance was a large and breezy garage, like a bus terminal.

Which was an apt comparison, there were buses parked there. Single decker and wider than the type usually seen, or that used to be seen, in cities and towns. They also looked like they’d had some kind of shielding attached to them and there was a railing around the top, like people were intended to stay up there.

The other members of Vault Mingo were starting to mill around outside the bus, looking nervous and scared.

Probably because of the three people in bulletproof vests with guns strapped to their backs and what looked like gas masks slung around their necks.

They looked cheery enough, though, all bright smiles and chatting to some of the other city folk who carried clipboards.

“Why are there people with guns?” Peter asked Dr Jones quietly.

“It’s for your protection, there’s been a few problems outside of the city walls lately.”

“Problems with who, exactly?” Peter demanded.

“Some bandits, there’s a community of them nearby. City hall is currently in discussion on what to do about them.”

He seemed very calm about the whole situation.

“They’re pretty easy to deal with, just keep them out. We’re generally concerned that they present a danger to themselves.”

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