Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Ideas Folder

 This is the pattern on the outside of the folder. It's surprisingly pretty and sturdy for something I got from 99p stores.

 But you're not interested in the cover, you're interested in the insides, and that's more than fair enough.

 Currently it's only got eight ideas in it, but I've got a bunch more that I need to write up and put in.

 The reason I'm doing this is to make sure I've got a good number of ideas so that when I'm done with a draft on one project, I can start writing a new one for a bit to keep the wheels in motion while I take a break before editing.

 It's also handy for when I've got writer's block, or the urge to write and no new ideas.

 The latter one will be super handy for when NaNoWriMo rolls around.

 So, what have I got?

 Well, I've got it split up into five sections.

Romance, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Sci-Fi and Supernatural.

 They're not super strict sections, for example Supernatural also includes Horror, Slice of Life basically includes anything that is grounded in realism that isn't Romance, and Romance is just anything where the main focus is romance regardless of other genre focuses.

 So I have a Horror story in Supernatural, a Crime story in Slice of Life and a Supernatural/Fantasy story in Romance.

 This system is basically because the folder came with five dividers (so it was a really good deal for 99p) and this way of splitting things up is just most logical for me.

 Making sure you're comfortable with the set up is the most important part of any ideas folder.

 As for the story ideas themselves, I've got some oldies in there:

 As well as some major new ones:

Great code name there, Haz. Just amazing.
 Sometimes I feel like writing my idea summaries down by hand and sometimes I like to write them up on computer. It varies.

 What also varies is how in depth the summaries are. Sometimes they're quite thorough outlines, and sometimes they're just vague ideas collected onto a sheet of paper to be developed at a later date.

 Regardless of which they are, they tend to accrue notes.

 So, this is my ideas folder, if you've got one I'd love to know how you've laid it out.

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