Sunday, 8 June 2014

Kit's Second Visit

 The litle fox came to the back garden for another visit this week, and I got some way better photos of it.

 Including this one:

 It's looking right at me! It' so close!


 Sorry about the big reflection, I took this picture through the patio window.

 After this the adorable little scamp ran off back to the nature reserve, and I was sad.

 But no long later, it came back!

 My little fox buddy!

 I'm definitely going to be on fox-watch from now on.

 I decided to nickname the fox Kit. Because I'm super imaginative like that, but also because it's a unisex name and I don't know if this is a dog fox or a vixen.

 I also decided to design a kemonomimi (or anthropomorphised with animal features) version of Kit for fun.

 Here are some of the sketches, including a bonus one of regular Kit.

I don't usually draw gawky teens, so it's been a bit of a struggle.
Grown up Kit.
 I've tried to keep these as androgynous as possible. Partly due to my ignorence of the real Kit's gender, and partly because I really like androgyny as a design choice.

 And I mean actual androgyny, not 'Tetsuya Nomura has issues with drawing masculine looking men' androgyny.

 So there you go, an update on my little foxy visitor and some bonus sketches.

 Look forward to a proper picture of Kit on Wednesday or Saturday, and follow me on instagram for WIPs and random selfies.

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