Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A Drabble From a Rabble

 If you were reading my blog before I took that second massive break, or you've gone back and had a look, you'll remember that I was starting a project called 'A Rabble of Drabbles'.

 The project kind of died a little, but I think I'll revive it and work on the drabbles here and there.

 In case you don't know, a drabble is a story that's one hundred words or shorter. I was aiming for all of mine to be exactly one hundred words.

 Here's one of the ones I wrote before the long hiatus:

Only In Italian

 The things you learn when you travel through time usually challenge your perception of different periods of people. Especially when you share future knowledge.

 I didn’t do it on purpose, but I once told a renaissance painter what Venus was really like.

 I was tired of him gushing about how it was the planet of love, so I told him that it was a planet with acid rains, a choking atmosphere and a molten surface that resurfaced every five 
hundred million years.

 He sat there and thought for a moment before turning to me and saying, “that sounds about right.”

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