Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Nine Over Five Writes... Herd

 Since this is a writer's blog before it's anything else, I thought I should actually talk about a novel I'm working on.

 Silver Crosses has been placed in the vault of 'stories I will write at a later date' along with my last NaNoWriMo project. Although in the case of that one, it's because I wanted to give myself the best chance to be published and give the series the book is for the best chance it could have not to be wildly inconsistent because I've changed as a writer since starting the first one. AKA. avoiding Harry Potter syndrome.

 So, in aid of both of those things, I've started a stand alone novel called Herd.

 It follows the lives of a group of people who were trained and frozen to survive the apocalypse, only the apocalypse wasn't as severe as predicted. Now society has rebuilt itself and they're living in a world that doesn't need them.

 To make matters worse, they're confined to a walled city because a plague rages outside its walls. A plague carried by a group known as the Outsiders, who are the reason that the city is so well defended.

 Three pre-apocalyptic teens have to make their way in this brave new world, and figure out what the right thing is to do about the Outsiders.

 The three teenagers in question are Jane Moore, Angelique Wilson and Kyle Stoppard (although this surname is currently provisional. Stoppard is just what I first came up with).

 Jane is the narrator, but it's very much about the three of them. I'm challenging myself to have more than one protagonist in a first person pov story. I may fail, I may succeed, but it is worth the effort either way.

 (Why Jane? Age before beauty, I came up with her first.)

 Here's a sketch of her:

Jane Moore
 She's half Welsh and half English, and one of only two English people in the vault she's in. So she feels alienation in regards to where she is, as well as the time she now lives in.

 Peter Howe is her guardian, and they're both quick to point out that he's not her dad.

 The reasons shall be revealed another time.

 I'm feeling pretty confident about this one, although I am having a hard time with it for a number of reasons. Most notably that I've been quite ill, so it's been pretty slow going.

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