Monday, 12 May 2014

Nine Over Five Presents... Lewys Fairfax

 So I've had my buddy Doug over for Eurovision, and one of the things we've been doing is taking walks down to Tesco's to pick up food.

 On one of these excursions, I really wanted the newest copy of ImagineFX, but I didn't have enough money for it. So I bullied Doug into buying it for me with the promise of a commission piece in return.

The offending issue
 And here we are, I've finished the picture and I'm ready to share it with you all.

 I did the piece in copics on Bristol board, and it's been a while since I've done that, so it's a bit rough.

 On the whole though, I quite like it. He's very pretty, I got in more practice on drawing stubble (which is handy, Doug likes giving his characters stubble. I think he does it to spite me) and he has something of the Francis York Morgan about him.

You know, this dreamy ass dork.
 And that simply cannot be a bad thing.

An Lewys Fairfax
 He's cute, he's Welsh and he has incredible destructive powers at his finger tips that he can use to erase you from existence. Which is why his eye looks like that. It's symbolic though, both his eyes change when he uses his powers.

 Oh, he's also totally amoral.

 And by that I don't mean he has bad morals, I mean he has no morals whatsoever.

 And he's a copper.

 He's from Doug's eBook series Goat Eyes which is set in a world where humanity is split into those whose ancestors ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and those whose ancestors ate from the tree of power.

 I'm probably going to do more art for the series, so you can look forward to more updates from me.

 If you want more information from the goat's mouth, you can follow Doug on his tumblr and check out his review blog (which I occasionally post on).

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