Monday, 24 September 2012

Black, Pink and White

 I've been a lazy artist today, opting to instead play Pokemon White instead of painting during the day. So today we have kinda crappy night time pictures.


 I scanned the initial sketch in first and edited it to make sure it would fit on the canvas and look the way I wanted it to.

 Then I transferred it onto the canvas using graphite transfer paper and adjusted a few things, like where the curves and zigzags went and how curved the black face's nose was. My sister pointed out the day before yesterday that it looked pretty straight, which was not what I was going for.

 As you can see, it's much better here.

 After that, I started painting, rosy pink in the middle, and a first layer of soft body black and white paint on the faces.

So far, so decent, but I'm planning to do something more with that pink, as I find it a bit too bland at the moment.

 Again, the paint goes onto the sides, so that a frame will not be necessary. The paint on the edges follows on from the front in what I hope is a nice design feature :)

 More on this picture tomorrow.

 Also, my mum's making homity pie, so I'm planning to take pictures of what I do to help with that as well as the final product, because I love homity pie.

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