Sunday, 8 May 2011

New Dream Project Details

 In between working on my final essay of the year (just two exams left!), and other projects, I’ve been working on finding names for the characters in the story I’m making out of a dream.

 I used Behind the Name to find suitable names and narrow down the cultures I was going to get them from for each country/culture in my story.

 So, the Kingdom on Land uses English names and the Underwater Kingdom uses  Welsh names.

 I chose English names for the Kingdom on Land because it seemed very Georgian/Victorian-esque and using names from any other culture would feel a little odd. It also felt like England, not that I think that if someone blindfolded me, put me on a plane and took me somewhere random I could tell you if it was or wasn’t England. It’s just that it’s a dream, and things are like that in dreams.

 Honestly, I only looked up Welsh names for the Underwater Kingdom due to it seeming to be close to the Kingdom on Land and Wales is right next to England. It was compounded by me finding the name I chose for the Prince, which means ‘Neptune’ in Welsh. It was one heck of a find.

 The names I chose are as follows:

 Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Fletcher: The curly haired girl that the greater power almost drowned.

 Kenton ‘Kent’ Bennett: Beth’s boyfriend and the one the story will follow most of the time as he tries to get home.

 Acacia Hart: Kent’s companion as he tries to return home and Neifion’s former fiancée.
 Prince Neifion of the Underwater Kingdom: Acacia’s fiancé who is in love with Beth and the focus of the greater power’s attention.

 Queen Ceridwen of the Underwater Kingdom: Neifion’s mother who is very keen on him getting together with Beth because she wants her son to be happy.

 Iorwerth ‘Iolyn’ Gwyn: The head of the guard in the Underwater Kingdom and Queen Ceridwen’s suitor.

 I’m also adding in a new character who wasn’t in the dream, but needs to exist in order to explain a couple of things.

 Lucian ‘Luke’ Fletcher: Beth’s older brother and a member of the same unit as Kent.

 I’ll most likely decide on ranks for Kent and Luke by my next post on the dream story, by which time I hope have decided what’s going on with the greater power and the godlike beings that existed in the dream.

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